Precepts #1 - #3 of Traditional Korean Archery


Precept #1


仁 愛 德 行


인 애 덕 행


'In' Selflessness, humanity, benevolence
'Ae' love, affection
'Deok' goodness, virtue
'Haeng' action, behavior


In Ae Deok Haeng

"Be seen as a model of love and virtue."



Precept #2


 誠 實 謙 遜


성 실 겸 손


'Seong' true, honest
'Shil' Truth, reality, actuality
'Gyeom' humble, modest
 'Sohn' (together with the preceeding character) = humility, modesty


Seong Shil Gyum Sohn

"Act with humbleness and honesty."



 Precept #3


自 重 節 操 


 자 중 절 조  


 'Ja' Self
'Joong' Important, severe
 'Jeol' durable, integrity
 'Jo' manage, exercise


Ja Joong Jul Jo

"You should solidly protect your integrity through discreet behavior."