School Programs

KTArchery is now offering instruction in traditional archery to public and private schools in Calgary. Bringing Korean Traditional Archery into your high school physical education program is a win/win for students and teachers.

Students win by receiving authentic instruction in a unique martial art. The teaching curriculum for Korean Traditional Archery has been created with support from Korea's National Archery Association, and aims to remain true to the martial arts' cultural and historical origin. Schools win by using KTArchery as a enrichment opportunity to their own physical education instruction, while at the same time being accountable to the outcomes of Alberta Education.


  • Student interest in archery is at an all-time high.Student engagement in archery is high. Movies, television, and popular literature are all promoting an interest and curiosity about the sport, especially in bare bow or instinctive archery. (Archery without stabilizers, aiming aids, or pulley wheels.)


  • KTArchery is convenient.We provide all of the equipment; bows, arrows, targets, safety netting, arm guards, thumb rings, and belts are all loaned to students and included in the class user fee. We also provide instruction in the proper techniques of Korean Traditional Archery; a curriculum developed with the support of Korea’s National Archery Association. And, we can teach in your own school gymnasium, eliminating the hassle of travel time or bad weather.


  • Achieving the outcomes of the Alberta Program of Studies.  Teachers and schools who partner with KTArchery will know that the goals of the Alberta physical education curriculum are being met through this authentic sport. Korean Traditional Archery covers several of the general and specific learner outcomes prescribed by Alberta Education. The program can easily be tailored for convenient assessment of specific learning outcomes.