Archery Lessons in Calgary

Welcome to the courses page of Korean Traditional Archery. KTArchery is pleased to announce the opening of an archery program in Calgary, Alberta. The aim of the program is to introduce Korean Traditional Archery to anyone who is interested in learning traditional - or instinctive - archery. This type of archery doesn't use any modern aids in terms of aiming. The bows don't have any stabilizers, sights, or arrow rests, and archers must rely on instinct and muscle memory alone to hit the target. The equipment used is all authentically Korean, and is provided in direct partnership with the Korean National Archery Association. Student tuition includes the rental of all necessary equipment. For more information about the equipment used in Korean Traditional Archery, please visit the bows and arrows pages of


To register for an upcoming class of Korean Traditional Archery, please email Mr. Sadlon at




In most cases, interested students of Korean Traditional Archery will start in our beginner program, which will introduce the basics of safety well before a student is allowed to handle their own bow.

On a case by case basis, experienced archers of any style are invited to join our programs, and can be interviewed privately to determine the best course or program to match his or her experience and ability level.

Martial Arts Schools in Calgary are invited to register for a specially made programs in Korean Traditional Archery. Lessons for current students of martial arts can often cover a significantly different curriculum because of the students' prior experience and knowledge with martial art physical and mental expectations. Students are encouraged to apply either individually or as a group.