Marial Art Students

This week-long intensive course is for students of other Korean martial arts. In many cases, students from disciplines such as hapkido, judo, etc., already have a solid understanding of the focus and physical demands expected of them. Many students who have trained in another Korean martial art often find Korean archery extremely interesting, and an enjoyable compliment to their skills in defence and combat.

Students of these artforms who chose to study KTA will be given a curriculum that seeks to build on the interdiscplinary values, the values similar to all martial arts, and to connect the teachings of KTA with their ot overall understanding of Korean culture. These classes are an excellent way for martial arts schools to send a group of representatives to experience KTA together for the first time in a low stress environment. In principle, there is no higher skill demand upon the students than an ordinary beginner class. The difference is mainly in the introduction and learning of Confucian teaching, in addition to the students solid understanding of muscle coordination and overall physical conditioning.