Precepts #7 - #9 of Traditional Korean Archery


Precept #7


正 心 正 己


정 심 정 기


'Jeong' upright, true
'Shim' heart, core, center
'Jeong' upright, true
'Gi' self


Jeong Shim Jeong Gi

"Have a straight mind and a straight body."



Precept #8


 不 怨 勝 者


불 원 승 자


'Bool' no, not, un-, in-
'Won' hatred, resentment, find fault with
'Seung' to be victorious, superior to
'Ja' person


Bool Won Seung Ja

"Do not resent someone who wins."



 Precept #9


莫 灣 他 弓


막 만 타 궁


'Mak'  don't, not
'Ta'  other
'Goong'  bow


Mak Man Ta Goong

"Don't touch another person's bow."