Precepts #4 - #6 of Traditional Korean Archery


Precept #4


禮 儀 嚴 守


예 의 엄 수


'Ye' good manners, politeness
'Eui' deportment, usage, rule, manners
'Eom' serious, stern
'Soo' maintain, guard, hold on to


Ye Eui Eom Soo

"Be courteous."


Precept #5






'Yeom' pure, modest, uncorrupted
'Jik' straight, direct, honest
'Gwa' results
'Gahm' daring, venture,presume
과감 'Gwa Gahm' boldness, determination


Yeom  Jik Gwa Gahm

"When in a position of power, act with integrity."


 Precept #6


習 射 無 言


습 사 무 언


'Sub'  custom, practice
'Sa'  aim at, fire, shoot, (loose an arrow)
'Mo'  nothing, not having
'Un'  words, speech, talking


Sub Sa Moo Un

"Don't speak while there is shooting."