School Archery Programs

Korean Traditional Archery is now offering in-school programs of archery instruction to any partnering school in Calgary, Alberta. These programs offer complete, 100% support to both the teachers and students, and can run anywhere from a few days to upwards of several weeks in length.

Typically designed to compliment a school's existing physical education program, KTArchery offers a unique and enriching experience for students, and a valuable platform for educators to assess student learning. These programs can be tailored to the exact outcomes of a partner school, and it is recommended that interested schools email KTArchery well in advance of booking, to ensure that their outcomes and expectations can be met.


In every school program,  Korean Traditional Archery will supply;

  1. All of the necessary archery equipment: bows, arrows, belts, targets, protrective and safety equipment
  2. Knowledgable instruction in the safe use of archery equipment and proper archery etiquette
  3. Coaching in the correct practices and techniques of 'barebow' or instinctive archery
  4. Supervision and direction of student practice and competition

Programs typically are planned to enrich current physical education outcomes, and as mentioned, can last anywhere from a few days to 3 or more weeks in length. Depending upon the interest and needs of each partner school, students may be invited to participate in archery as a lunch-time compliment to a daily physical activity, and/or to join an after-school archery club.

Interested schools are asked to email to arrange a free, in-school visit to assess its needs, and how KTArchery can help each student meet their fullest potential.